Adapt to Survive

ADAPT ADAPT ADAPT.  Being a biology major I should know all about this from the countless classes I have taken that discuss evolution and natural selection.  Adaption is key to survival.  Being in the Philippines is no exception.  From having my research experiment go wonky at almost every step, to planning trips merely hours, if not minutes before transportation leaves, to figuring out what to do when I’ve missed the last bus back to IRRI, I have had to go with the flow at a whole new level during my past few weeks.  But all of it has paid off.  I have been on some incredible trips already that were planned incredibly last minute.  My experiment, although we shall see how the data appears, should be alright even though there were mishaps along the way.

With that said, I also realized how important planning is.  If you plan everything out, down to the smallest detail, chances are everything will go smoothly.  But, being able to be flexible within that plan is key because unexpected things can happen.  A better opportunity may arise and sticking to the original plan may not be as efficient anymore.

And so my advice to those next year or to anyone who is traveling/plans to travel, have a plan, but don’t be afraid to stray from that plan.  Learn to accept what is happening around you and adapt to it.  I believe practicing this will lead to the best experience possible while in the Philippines.

And because no blog post is complete without pictures, here are some from this past weekend’s trip to Singapore!


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